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Michał Oszmaniec Quantum Information Research Group is a website of the Quantum Information Group led by dr. Michał Oszmaniec. We study quantum information under the restrictions on resources that are allowed to be used. Such limitations arise from the difficulty to implement in practice the most general quantum-information protocols. In our research we use the combination of convex analysis, group theory, high-dimensional analysis and numerical simulations.
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 Meet the team:

Assistant Professor

I am a theoretical physicist specializing in the field of quantum technologies. My current scientific interests oscillate around quantum computing and quantum information, understood both on the fundamental, as well as on the practical level.
The main topics of my current research are:
  • Role of various kinds of correlations (such as contextuality, non-gaussianity etc) for quantum computation,
  • Understanding of fundamental resources necessary for universal quantum computing in restricted models of quantum computing supported on non-distinguishable particles,
  • Efficient classical simulation of noisy large-scale quantum systems, with applications to quantum supremacy and quantum simulations,
  • Application of group-theoretic methods in conjunction of machine-learning techniques to derive new control schemes for moderate-sized quantum systems,
  • Understanding the relative power and usefulness of POVMs and protective (von-Neumann) measurements in quantum mechanics.
Tanmoy Biswas
Ph.D. Student

My research interest concerns quantum information theory and foundation of quantum mechanics. Presently I am exploring the amount of resources  need to implement generalized measurement and usefulness of generalized measurement over projective measurement in various quantum information processing task, like state discrimination, quantum estimation etc.

Apart from these I have also interest on quantum nonlocality and its application in device independent scenario, quantum thermodynamics, and quantum resource theory.

Filip Maciejewski
Master Student

My scientific interests concern foundations of quantum information theory, as well as its applications to quantum computing. I am particularly interested in the theory of general quantum measurements (POVMs) and in physical realizations of quantum computers (quantum circuits) – mostly through the use of superconducting qubits. Due to my background in chemistry, I am also interested in NMR spectroscopy. My latest research concerns the implementation of POVMs on physical quantum processors via the IBM Q Experience cloud.